Software Introductions


Clarizen is a robust project management software tool well suited to large enterprises with significant portfolio management and reporting requirements. However, those robust features come at a significant price as Clarizen is one of the most expensive tools on the market.

Microsoft Project

For many years, Microsoft Project was the 800 pound gorilla of project management software. Still today, it is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. However, as more and more companies have moved to cloud based project management tools to foster better collaboration among teams, Microsoft Project has lost some popularity. It is currently offered via a desktop software (single user license), online, and through Microsoft Project Server. Only Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online offer collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Project Online (well suited to those with Office 365 subscriptions) being one of the more expensive cloud based tools on the market.


Smartsheet is a project management software tool that has grown in popularity due to a user interface that closely resembles Microsoft Excel and most users find very easy to use and get quickly up to speed on. It also has pricing plans that fit a variety of business types. In terms of overall pricing, Smartsheet is about half of the cost (for their highest priced plan) of Microsoft Project Online and Clarizen. In terms of features, Smartsheet is fairly robust with significant configuration capabilities to fit your workflow and should be considered for small and medium sized businesses, but large enterprises may find the portfolio management capabilities lacking. Depending on what other tools your company is looking to integrate with, you may find native integrations especially with some of the more modern products insufficient. 


Teamwork is a project management software tool which offers attractive pricing options for large teams as many pricing plans allow for unlimited users (not a per user license). In terms of features, Teamwork is probably somewhere around the middle of the pack when it comes to features and is lacking when it comes to more robust requirements such as financial/budget management and reporting. 

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