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This is a maintained list of softwares to support our daily tasks as Project Managers. On Comparison Grid page each software is classified by PMBOK compliance in terms of supported processes and deliverables. It would represent an essential but valuable mapping for identifying what are actually offering the softwares market and the open-source/free scenarios, helping the selection of the most appropriate software for company/personal needs and preferences.

PMBOK® is the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the reference manual for PMP® Project Management Professional certification issued by PMI Project Management Institute®.


 Best Software for Project Management




Asana    x x       x


Basecamp    x for teachers and students x     x
Cardinis PPM Suite GFT Group   x   x   x x
Clarizen Clarizen x x   x     x
Concerto Bellrock    x         x

Easy Projects

Logic Software    x         x


Evernote Corporation    x x       x
Exepron Exepron    x   x     x


GanttProject          x x  


Hydra Management    x          


Atlassian    x   x     x


Mindjet    x   x   x  

Office 365 Planner

Microsoft    x   x   x x

OPPM, The One-Page Project Manager

OPPM International    x   x     x


Planview     x       x  

CA Project Portfolio Management

CA Technologies   x   x   x x

PPM, Value-Driven Portfolio Management

Micro Focus, EntIT Software LLC   x       x x
Predict! Risk Decisions   x   x   x x


Oracle    x   x   x x


Microsoft  x x   x   x x

PROJECT in a box 

Prosis Solutions    x x     x x

Project Objects 

Project Objects    x   x     x

Project Planning Pro

i2e Consulting    x         x

Project Portfolio Management

ServiceNow   x   x      


ProjectLibre          x x soon     x   x     x


Projectplace International AB   x   x     x
ProjeQtOr ProjeQtOr           x   x

PS, Project System 

SAP    x       x  


Jean-Philippe Lang         x   x
Smartsheet x x   x     x
StratEx ALT-F1   x x     x x


Taiga Agile    x     x   x
Teamwork x x   x     x


Upland    x   x   x  


Doist    x x       x
TouchBase  ProductDossier Solution    x   x     x


Trello    x x       x
WBS Schedule Pro Critical Tools   x   x   x  


JetBrains   x x       x


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photo credit: Luigi Mengato sketchnote project management via photopin (license)

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  • Andrew Kay said

    Hi Michele,

    The list is a great effort. Thank you.

    There are very many helpful tools for project managers and resources. Some are really cool mobile apps.
    But for serious whole of business successful project management we need to consider what it is we really need.

    And for many we don't know what we don't know.

    So letting your readers become aware and follow up with some research of their own....

    Much of the available software is based on the traditional PM method of Critical Path developed in the 1950's and 1960's. A revolution in its day and very much an advance of prior efforts.
    However, after nearly 40 years, time and again projects had high failure rates based on original due date, scope and budget. In most industries including government over 80% failure rate.

    It was not until the early 1990's when the late Dr Eli Goldratt the founder of the Theory of Constraints, investigated this phenomena of failure and discovered many fundamental flaws with the CP approach. Not with people but with the method. A new approach (for both planning and execution, for single and multi-project environments) called Critical Chain emerged with dramatic improvements in project delivery reducing project lead times, budget and meeting scope with above 90% on time reliability across all industry sectors wherever deployed. Most projects are being delivered in the range 20% - 45% less time compared to others in the industry.

    There are more than 12 CCPM software utilities available - some are add-ons to Microsoft Project and a few are purpose built from the ground up.

    Exepron, Concerto, Being, Pro-Chain software are the world leaders in transforming business outcomes through CCPM.

    Exepron is listed above. Exepron won a prestigious award from the Gartner Group - International research firm in 2016 - here is the link:

    When coupled with some education to support the project team in understanding the principles of CCPM you have truly a transformation in the organisation to reliably deliver more projects in less time with less cost to full scope.

    Anyone wanting some background info on CCPM, case studies and International research reports I would be happy to help.

    Once again thank you.

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